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I am Marielle. I am a digital marketing expert with a digital heart. My work is to increase the impact of brands on social media. That is why I like to work for brands with ambition. For a good understanding of the brand DNA of your company, I create and strengthen the relationship between the brand and the target group.


Social media strategy

You want ‘something’ with social media, but you do not know what. And certainly not how. I can help! I devise a social media (content) strategy and assist step by step in the implementation.


Content management

Okay, great social media strategy, but what about the content? I will also arrange that for you. Mariëlle has years of experience in content creation and design.


Community management

Of course you – and the employees of your company – know the target group like no other. So logically, that you manage your community. But if necessary, I jump in. Do not worry about it.


Grow followers

I can help you pick up real, organic followers that will engage with your content and turn into potential clients of your business. 500+ followers in the first month or money back guarantee!

Social Listening

Are you curious about how your brand is being spoken about online? Do you want to grow your presence online? I like to map it out and give appropriate advice.


And many more..

Besides helping you with Social Media, I can provide you with outstanding, professional and selling websites, webshops, graphics and mobile applications that will help you gain traction online.

Why SMM?

The use of social media offers many advantages:

  • Build up a relationship with your target group
  • Build the image of your company or product
  • Increase your name recognition and findability of your business
  • Promote products and services very specifically
  • Easy in contact and in conversation with your target group
  • Low costs with a large reach
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Measurable what happens and what people are interested in

By actively participating in the various social platforms you give your company or brand a face. Through social media you build a relationship with your fans and followers, create your name recognition and make the communication personal. Together with you, I will devise a social media strategy that suits you and bring you success.

I Am Usually Asked About

Why should I use social media?

Let’s be real: the world loves social media. 30% of all the time people spent online is spent on social media. If you want to reach people, social media is the way to go. Whether you’re interested in getting your brand out, sponsored content, or maybe a combination of all. I am here to help!

Which social media should I use?

It depends. While Facebook is a great way to start, I like to get to know you on an individual basis. Every brand is unique. To decide which social media we use it dpeends on the factors where your audience (potential clients) is. What products or services you provide. What goals you want to achieve.

What tools do you use?

When marketing social media, many tools are being used. I use scheduling tools, google docs, photoshop, illustrator and more graphical content creation software which will make your post look outstanding!

Can I delete bad comments on social media?

Every social media is different in ways to use and different in its own rules. Some social media it’s easy to delete comments or bad reviews, on others it isn’t. On Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn you can delete comments and bad reviews. On Facebook and Twitter, it’s not possible.

Who uses social media?

Facebook is enjoyed by a huge variety of ages. Mostly 18 to 49-year-olds. Women check Facebook more than men do. Twitter is mainly being used for trending topics, news and to keep up with brands people are interested in. Twitter’s users are mostly young adults aging 18-29. Instagram is a very effective social media for companies who have a product or service that you can capture on photo or video. Instagram users are mainly 35 years old or younger.

Will this work for my business?

If your potential clients use the internet, social media will work. I will find a grow your targeted following and drive leads and potential customers to your business.

How do I get started?

Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail to get started. From there, we can do a meeting and I will identify the needs for your social media strategy to reach your goals and help you on your path to success!

Didn't Find the Answer?

If you couldn’t find the answer to your question and you would like to know more about my services, feel free to send me an e-mail, and we can talk more in depth.

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Bronze package

  • 1 x social media strategy
  • 1 social media channel
  • 1 message per week
  • Periodic consultations
  • Inclusive design posts
  • Optimize profile / pages
  • Grow engagement (followers, likes and comments)

€ 99,- p/ month

Silver package

  • 1 x social media strategy
  • 2 social media channels
  • 3 messages per week
  • Periodic consultations
  • Inclusive design posts
  • Optimize profile / pages
  • Grow engagement (followers, likes and comments)

€ 199,- p/ month

Golden package

  • 1 x social media strategy
  • 4 social media channel
  • 6 messages per week
  • Monthly consultations
  • Inclusive design posts
  • Optimize profile / pages
  • Grow engagement (followers, likes and comments)

€375,- p/ month

My location

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

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I try to reply to all my emails in less than 24 hours. The fastest way of contact is through Telegram or WhatsApp.

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